Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Macro Based Nutrition Coaching & Consulting

The best you is around the corner!  A macro based approach to getting your body the amount of nutrients sufficient for you and your lifestyle. Set goals and crush them with your personal nutrition coach.

How We Can Help You

"Accelerating the modern athlete’s transition into innovative, all-natural practices and products."

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Macro based, personalized nutrition coaching. Meet your personal coach, set goals, and crush them!

Meal Prep Ideas

A collection of quick and easy, macro friendly meal prep ideas and recipes. Eating healthy doesn't need to be hard!

Workout/Stretching Programs

Exercise and stretch right. Whether you're stuck at home or a member at your local gym, we have programs built to assist!

Free yourself from the diet mentality to create space for a healthy relationship between food and your body.

Meet Our Head Coach


Greg Deirmendjian

In 2014 Greg was introduced to obstacle course racing and in 2015 he started Crossfit to bring his training to the next level. That was when Greg started learning about sports nutrition and wanted to help others reach their goals like he was. He believes in a healthy, clean and balanced diet to not only feel good but to improve recovery and overall health. Greg is currently a full-time coach and pursuing a degree in Sports and Human Performance.

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Macro Based Nutrition Coaching & Consulting