Meet Our Head Coach


Greg Deirmendjian

In 2014 Greg was introduced to obstacle course racing and in 2015 he started Crossfit to bring his training to the next level. That was when Greg started learning about sports nutrition and wanted to help others reach their goals like he was. He believes in a healthy, clean and balanced diet to not only feel good but to improve recovery and overall health. Greg is currently a full-time coach and pursuing a degree in Sports and Human Performance.

Are You...

  • Looking to change the way you approach nutrition?
  • Sick and tired of the same old boring diets?
  •  Looking to create a happy, healthy, & fun relationship with your food?
  • Looking to set performance goals for building a healthy lifestyle?
  • In need of an extra kick in the ass every once in a while?
  •  Prepared to pursue the absolute best version of you?

...Well, We Can Help!

What You Get...


One on One Macro Based Coaching


Weekly Check-Ins With Your Personal Coach


Healthy Lifestyle Changes


Recipe/Meal Tools & Ideas


Goal Setting & Strategizing


Easy To Use Apps

What To Expect...

  • 30 minute call with your coach to get to know each other
  • A macro-based approach to nutrition based on your personal goal
  •  Individualized nutrition program
  • Tracking body measurements & progress
  • A few weekly questions based on your week
  • update tracking of hunger, sleep, mood, weight, macros, etc.

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Crush your daily, weekly & monthly goals! Prepare as you work to sculpt the best you, while developing a healthy relationship between you and your food!

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